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Looking for something eye catching and totally unique? Why not create a Bespoke USB? The possibilities really are endless, whether you are looking to create an image of your product, service or even logo, we can create a fully bespoke USB which you are not going to find anywhere else.


We have created 100′s of bespoke USB’s in our many years in the business. Anything from bottles and cars to trucks and airplanes, the only limit is your imagination. The whole process is very easy and also very cost effective. We can create either a 2D USB or a 3D USB. Below is an outline of the whole process including time frame;


♦ If you have a basic concept, give us a call or send us an email to go through your requirements.

♦ We will then send you back a CAD drawing of the concept within 2 working days.

♦ If you require any revisions to the initial concept, this will take a further 1-2 working days.

♦ Once approved we will create a pre production sample, which we will either send to you for approval which will take 5 working days, or we can take a high resolution image and send this to you via email.

♦ Once we have the final approval, we will begin production of your order which will then be delivered in 10 working days.

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